Message from Nan Stearns – 11/11/10

Dear WMD – Women Making a Difference,

On Tuesday I attempted to send off a belated note, but our computer ate my homework. It made me realize that it takes a while to recover from heartbreak – – and that if you run into a blockade, you need time to deal with it. Here then is my second attempt.

Of course we were terribly saddened on Tuesday night, when the results in Amherst/Milford were published on the Nashua Telegraph web site. None of the wonderful women for whom we had voted were elected. What a tragedy – – what a shame. BUMMER!

That said, it’s time to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and start all over again. Hum along. A small meeting of people we love gathered around our kitchen table to talk about the future. The main topic was Democracy School. What, you may ask? Well, here is an opporknockity extrordinaire. Democracy School is an intense, two-day experience which makes citizens aware of what they CAN do, thanks to our constitution. Preparation is vital; there is much to read ahead of these two days. It requires a commitment to prepare and to attend. It is our hope that those of you who are interested will take advantage of this event. When: February 26 and 27. Where: the Fells Clubhouse. To participate, you’ll need to sign up by Nov. 30. The details are located below this email.

Also, the Granite State Fair Tax Coalition is fresh in our minds, thanks to the excellent presentation given by Mark Fernald in late October. We hope to schedule another similar event at the Amherst Library soon – – date and time to be determined. We want to invite an equal number of democrats and republicans to see if we can have an informative and civil conversation about finding better, fairer ways to raise revenue so that we don’t rely solely on the property tax in our state of New Hampshire. Please check out the chart at the website. It shows that currently under our system of relying on property tax alone the folks in NH with the lowest income pay 8.2% of their total income in taxes while the 1% at the top income level only pay 2% of their income in taxes.

Think on these things! What interests you? Your participation makes it – – or not.

And one more thing, as Rachel Maddow often says, it was a joy to put name to face on a number of occasions during the campaign. Lisa Sasser, Mary Beth Ayvazian, Bev Edwards – – it was lovely to meet you. And thanks for helping so much.

To Jeanne Ludt, Judy Gilliland, Susan Fischer and Ruth Heden – – warmest thanks for gathering around the table to get us moving once again. We have work to do before 2012! Don’t forget to take a look at the WMD website —- Susan Fisher is constantly updating — she’s even revised our mission statement — take a look!


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