Message from Nan Stearns

Dear WMD,

Belated greetings! We have taken time off; we hope you have too. Pete and I have puttered through the summer: we have gotten rid of stuff, we’ve gotten started on our family’s genealogy, we’ve read some good books and we have been watching too much political TV. As we enjoy this weekend we are reminded of a Labor-Day Weekend a few years ago. It was 2007. Pete walked in the Milford Parade with people for Paul Hodes, and I joined a small but sassy group of WMD members. Pete got to meet Barack Obama, who impressed many by remembering their names and the names of their children as well. That evening we had a call from Ali, the Obama organizer in our area. He invited us to attend a House Party the next day at the home of the president of Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester. We accepted the invitation.

The following morning we arrived in good time, ran into one or two we knew, enjoyed seeing the lovely home of the president and seated ourselves on the sun porch, just beyond the kitchen/dining room. As luck would have it, Barack Obama was introduced and spoke on the step just above us. We were close enough to see the whites of his eyes. I checked him out up one side and down the other to find him well put together. To my great surprise and pleasure, he made eye contact with me and with probably every other person in the room. He spoke quietly and thoughtfully; we found nothing with which to disagree. When he finished speaking and taking questions, I used my ski-lift-line skills to slip around his body guard and stuck out my hand. I said to him, “This morning we have found the magic we were looking for.” He took my hand and replied, “Please tell your friends.” Pete refers to this as my “Goldilocks Moment”. To my great distress we have had emails using the term Tar Baby. A dear friend in Portland, Oregon, told us of using the term “brown eggs” in a derogatory manner. And it was at a reunion of ours in Prineville, Oregon, that a classmate of yesteryear referred to Obama as the “dark complected one”. But of course there is no thought that any of these “good Christians” could be ever so slightly prejudiced against Barack Obama. A bumper sticker we saw yesterday read “Impeach Hussein”.

So here we are four years later with a young president who is graying quickly, getting no support from the republicans and being lambasted from all sides. We have dear friends who proclaim “We didn’t drink the Kool Aid!” Some are looking for an independent candidate to support. Others are considering supporting one of the many republican candidates. Another option we’ve heard voiced is simply not to vote in the 2012 election. Horrors!!! As for us, we shall work for and support Barack Obama and also try to elect people who will make it possible for him to move forward.

WMD was my idea, and it is hard to let go. But I have decided to do my best to reelect Obama and then let someone younger step up to the plate. Jeanne Ludt continues to get so much information out to our e-mail list, and we feel this has been a boon to people who receive it. We had a small Kitchen Cabinet meeting recently, a meeting of those who have really been with us from the beginning. Ruth Heden is our Milford member. Nancy Iannuzzelli is the one responsible for our learning about depleted uranium. Liz Morgan is a new member of the KC, and she brings a thoughtful manner and good advice to our group. Jeanne and I filled up the kitchen table. Missing that day were Judy Gilliland, Susan Fischer and Barbara Smith, but we believe they would agree with the decisions we made. Our top priority from now until November 2012 is to reelect our president, Barack Obama. Our next priorities will be to elect Ann Kuster, to reelect Debora Pignatelli and to reelect Shannon Chandley, if she decides to run. We have spoken to Annie Kuster at a recent house party in our home, and she is “fired up and ready to go”. I gave Debora a call; she confirmed that she will again run for the seat she held on the Executive Council. Shannon is thinking about her decision, but has yet to make it. These three ladies are superb candidates, and we will do everything in our power to elect them.

WMD is also one of the three sponsoring groups working to bring you a fabulous Film Series beginning this fall. In coalition with Granite State Guardians and New Hampshire Green, we will strive to show documentaries which confront the issues, as we did years ago when Nancy White did our first Film Series. Dear Dennis, at the Wilton Town Hall Theater, has agreed to let us show these films on Sunday afternoons. We so hope you will make every effort to attend.

In late September, on the 25th, at 5:00 in the late afternoon, we invite you to join us at the Fells Club House for our annual, when we get around to it, chat about where we are going and how we hope to get there. We will ask you to bring a wee something to share, so that we can nibble while we express our ideas and offer our suggestions. We so hope you will come and do just that. It is how we began in March of 2005. As Howard Dean used to tell us, “When women are empowered, good things happen!” We could use some good things happening, couldn’t we. Wine and cider will be available.

Another idea on our horizon is to sponsor a candidate forum next year before the election. Think on all of these things.

We SO hope you survived Irene and recharged your batteries over the last few summer months. We look forward to making mischief in the days, weeks and months ahead.



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