Message from Nan Stearns – 04 Oct 2011

Dear WMDers,

I wrote a report about our meeting right after we met, and our computer has hidden it somewhere in cyberspace. However, it was too long and too wordy, and you won’t need to worry about it. When we opened our inbox yesterday, there was Jeanne’s latest offering, plus the final notice about the upcoming film series which begins this coming Sunday. It was a thought jog.

Our meeting on September 25th, was a delicious time for the 10 WMD members plus two husbands who attended. In the living room of the club house, we made a complete and tight circle of like-minded friends. Our discussion was civil, snappy, interesting, and amazingly long-lasting. Booked for 5:00 in the late afternoon, many lingered longer; Pete and I got home just at 8:00. Everyone brought good things to eat, the wine and cider were both enjoyed and we came home with happy hearts feeling it had been oh so worth while.

Just for the joy of it I’m going to list those who attended: Betty Hall, Nan Stearns and husband Pete, Ruth Heden, Nancy Iannuzzeli, Kathy Boyer and husband Bob, Liz Morgan, Barbara Warner, Mary Beth Ayvazian, Shannon Chandley and Vanessa Foley. Yes, that’s the tight circle. We discussed supporting Obama as our first priority, and most were in agreement. We talked about supporting Anne Kuster, Debora Pignatelli and Shannon Chandley as they prepare to run for office. We discussed continuing to have events with candidates; all were in agreement. We discussed peace, redistricting, 13 year old daughters, Granny D., Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Democratic Convention, potential candidates for Governor, etc. I know much has been left out; forgive me. Weigh in if you want to add something forgotten.

After our formal discussion, many stayed to chat and exchange more thoughts. We said nothing about hair and nails. Liz Morgan slipped quietly into the kitchen, and suddenly everything was picked up, put away and we all went home. Thanks, Liz! The final word is, we shall continue to make mischief!

Best to each of you,


PS A potential candidate for Governor, Jackie Cilley, is coming to speak to WMD on Sunday, November 6th at 4:30 in the afternoon. Save the date!!

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