Message from Nan Stearns – 12 Jan 2012

Dear WMD – – All of you Women Making a Difference,

As I announced earlier, Saturday is the day to present myself before the caucus goers in Concord. I am running to be a delegate to the National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, in September. My opposition is worthy and overwhelming! I NEED YOUR HELP.

The doors open at 9:00 in the morning for registration. You must be a registered Democrat, a resident of New Hampshire, and you must have voted in the Primary for Barack Obama in order to participate in the caucus. In CD2 (Congressional District 2) you may vote for as many as five men and four women. In CD1 it is just the opposite: four men and five women.

Pete and I intend to get to Concord by 9:00 to pass out the “flyers” prepared by our Web Master, Susan Fischer. We are so pleased with them. If anyone would like to join us in that operation, we would be delighted.

Nancy Iannuzzelli is bringing our banner. If anyone would like to volunteer to help her move through the group with the banner, we would be grateful.

The only way I can win a seat at the delegation is to have your help. A number of my opponents have names far better recognized than mine.

The address is the IBEW Building at 48 Airport Road, in Concord. The time is 9:00 registration and 10:00 caucus on Saturday, Jan. 14. If you can come, it will be a joy to see you.



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