Message from Nan Stearns

Dear WMDers,

Thank you SO! On Saturday, January 14th, I was elected to be a delegate at the National Democratic Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, in September. There were so many friends at the Caucus; it is impossible to thank each of you who supported me, and I know someone would be left out if we listed you. You know who you are, and I appreciate your help more than I can attempt to say. It was such a joy to look around and see encouraging faces – – many of whom I would never have known had it not been for WMD – Women Making a Difference. I also had the advantage of sage advice from friends who helped me with a strategy. My handouts were done by our web mistress, and they were dandy. Pete and I are thrilled at the prospect of attending the convention, and we are also thrilled with the diversity of the delegation elected. There will be more delegates added in April, so those not selected this time still have another opportunity.

Something went unsaid on Saturday, but now I can add it to my thanks. It was Heidi’s birthday on Saturday. Our Heidi was 48 years old, which seems quite impossible. Tomorrow, the 17th, is Michelle Obama’s birthday. She will be 48 years old. Heidi was in high school at Punahou in Hawaii for two years, her freshman and sophomore years. Though she knew him not, Barack Obama was a junior and senior at the same time. So we can honestly say,”Oh yeah, didn’t you know, Heidi was in school with Barack.”



And, a different matter. Our second candidate for Governor will be speaking to WMD on Sunday, January 29th, at 4:30 in the afternoon, at The Fells Club House.
More to come – – but save the date! Maggie Hassan has been booked and the club house reserved. Hope to see you there.

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