Message from Nan Stearns – 6 Jan 2012

Dear WMDers,

When I read this request from Graham Smith something happened – – it must have been something we ate or drank over the holidays. We said, wicked cool!

Yesterday Pete and I drove to Concord to drop off my papers in the office of the NHDP. I too have filed to become a delegate to the Democratic National Convention, which will be held the week of September 3rd. It just so happens we will be on our way to Oregon for Pete’s high school reunion, so it would be fun to drop south to North Carolina.

To ask for your vote is gutsy, as you will first have to vote for President Obama on the 10th and then attend the caucus in Concord on the 14th. Please do just that. That would be so nice of you. It has never occurred to either of us that we might have such an opporknockity, but we do. If elected, I will be the delegate; Pete, as always, will be my political advisor. We would do our very best.

It occurs to me now that it should have been Pete who filed, as they will elect five men and only four women in Congressional District 2.

Here are a few points that will, we hope, give you reasons to turn out and vote for me in the delegate caucus:

Fearless Founder, WMD – Women Making a Difference
Homemaker for 54 years, married to the same man
Homes made – – 32, as Pete was in the Army Corps of Engineers for 30 years and we lived in strange and wonderful places
Mother of 1 Heidi is an OB/GYN Physician and delivered Drew Bledsoes three sons
Grandmother of 1 – Christopher plays saxophone in the Wellesley High School 2 o’clock Jazz Band which competed twice in New York City in 2011
Elected member of the Souhegan High School Community Council
Activist, empowered by Howard – – Howard Dean
Proud supporter of Barack Obama

Thanks to each of you willing to perform this greatest act of kindness and friendship. Pete and I join in wishing each of you a splendid 2012; we have great expectations for the new year!!


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