Note from Nan Stearns (02 Jan 2013)

Dear WMD,
Happy New Year to ALL!
How blessed we feel on this second day of January, 2013!  Obama has four more years in the White House, we have avoided the fiscal cliff, and our Grandson has been accepted to a school that is probably his first choice.  Now we realize that these things are not connected, but they are things we are thrilled about today.  We hope you too feel blessed, happy and looking forward to 2013.  We hope our good feelings find a connection with our Jeanne Ludt, who had a third surgery today.  Please join us in sending loving thoughts to Jeanne and her dear family.  She will be sending this out when she feels up to it, so we’ll be optimistic regarding her recovery.
To celebrate the re-election of Obama and Biden, we are staying home on Inauguration Day and inviting WMD members to an Inauguration Brunch on Monday, January 21, 2013.  We have reserved the Club House at The Fells for that day, so please put this event on your calendars in ink.  Please plan to bring something brunchy; we did the same thing four years and it was great fun.  There is a large TV so that we can watch it all as it is happening in DC, while saving on gas, hotel, food, etc., in the Nation’s Capitol.  This is also the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday, so take the day off and celebrate with us.  We’ll have something appropriate to drink to include coffee, orange juice and champaign (combines the words campaign and champagne).  We look forward to seeing you there.  To let us plan logistics, please let us know if you are coming.  Give me a call at 673-3730, or send an email to
And now what shall we do?  What issues shall we work on, or shall we cease to be?   A number of suggestions are simmering here and there.  Ruth Heden is asking us to be on the Oval on Fridays speaking out for gun control following the tragedy in Connecticut.  How can we help those who have lost everything in New Jersey and vicinity from Hurricane Sandy?  Who will be running for office in 2014?  It is doubtful we will be bored in this new year.
Please let us hear from you; please join us on the 21st.  For now, warmest new year’s greetings to each of you.
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