Note from Nan Stearns (16 Jan 2013)

Dear WMD,

Pete and I have just made donations to both Gabby Gifford’s PAC and The Brady Campaign – – we simply used the email Jeanne sent yesterday, where we found so much to give us a nudge.  We had turned on the President’s event just at noon; how many moments we found ourselves with tears in our eyes or goose bumps on our arms.  Why has it taken us SO long to act?  Was it that we simply could never imagine sending a first grader to school and never seeing them alive again.  
Our baby, our Heidi, celebrated her 49th birthday this week, just a day before Michelle Obama celebrated her birthday.  Michelle, we believe, is just about the same age as our Heidi.  Heidi started first grade in Fairbanks, Alaska.  I would drop her off at the elementary school on base at Fort Wainwright, then drive the 20 some miles to North Pole, Alaska, where my first grade class of around 30 youngsters kept me “on my toes”.  To even imagine someone harming a hair on any of those little heads never was a part of my thinking.  How glorious it was to grow up and to raise a child never worried about gun violence or school shootings.
Thanks, Jeanne, for sending so much good information.  Thanks, Christy, for taking a stand and reminding us of our standing up and speaking out on Friday afternnons – – and any other time we have an opporknockity to do so.  It is obvious we have an issue for 2013!  
Please join us on Monday to celebrate the Inauguration of Barack Obama.  Let us please be a part of the solution he seeks.  Let’s use our heads, donate our funds and help our President get something done this time.  Our voices need to be heard.
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