Note from Nan Stearns

Dear WMD,

     I accept the challenge from Jeanne, who suggested there would be a summary coming after last evening’s meeting.  We were eight, so we comprised a perfect group for discussion.  At our luncheon a couple of weeks ago we were eight.  However, we were not the same eight yesterday.  Three attended both meetings; five joined us yesterday, two of whom were new to WMD.  Adding that all up my way, we were a total of 13 people who had civil discussions on two different occasions.  That number is so important.
     It was on March 13th in 2005 that WMD made its public debut, when a group of us attended a meeting in Milford with Charles Bass, then New Hampshire member of the House of Representatives.  He was trying to convince our citizenry to privatize Social Security.  When nearly all of the women in the Town Hall room stood with our group, we made an impression.  It was “wicked cool”.  It is an anniversary worth remembering, which is certainly why 13 people joined our interesting discussions.  Is it a sign?
     As Jeanne noted, Shannon Chandley, one of our original 25 members, now an excellent State Representative from Amherst, gave us food for thought regarding legislation in Concord.  We discussed some new ideas, including the New Hampshire Rebellion and Overpass Light Brigade.  Another topic of discussion was whether it would be beneficial to rename our group so that it was not exclusively an organization for women. The majority felt that having an organization where women could share their voices should remain.  Actually, it was one of the reasons your Fearless Founder founded WMD in the first place.  There were many men who often dominated political discussions when we first began.  It is wonderful to add that few women in our group are fearful of standing up and speaking out. We will continue to do that.  (Men have been and will continue to be welcome when we have special events or speakers and are part of our email distribution list.)
     We agreed that we need to be especially active this year and again in 2016, and certainly all weighed in on the Presidential Election of 2016.  It was interesting to observe that we were not all in agreement that Hillary would run.  It was suggested that we invite legislators to speak to us who might not be like-minded.  Kelly Ayotte was suggested as a possibility.  We agreed that we would like to grow our numbers and try to attract some young women.  However, Jeanne let us know that our e-mail list numbers 180 some.
     I had announced that Annie Kuster would be coming to The Fells in April, but that announcement has changed.  Annie will be in our home, which she preferred to do, on Sunday, April 6, 2014, at 4:30 in the afternoon.  So the only change is the address.  We are at #31.  And, the event will be a “fund raiser”.  We may not hold fund raisers at our Condo Club House.  Annie suggests certain amounts for donations on the invitation which I will forward later.  However, her organizer, Emily Brown, has made it clear to us that $25.00 donations are perfectly wonderful.  Should you wish to attend that event, please be so kind as to give me a call so that your name will be on the list.  We are at 673-3730.  It is important that we know who is coming, as our capacity is less than that of the Club House.  Yet, we don’t at all mind being cozy.  We will be serving wine and something soft, but we would never say “no” should WMD members wish to bring a wee something to share.
     So we are coming out of hibernation.  We agree to continue to “make mischief”.  We hope to have monthly meetings or events.  We will not be hyperactive, but we’re moving in that direction.
     Most importantly, we discussed tomorrow’s election.  We agreed that it is imperative to re-elect Jeanne Ludt as Supervisor of the Checklist in Amherst.  And if there is a petition warrant article on your town ballot calling for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, please be sure to vote in favor of it.  (see additional info. about that below)
Best to each of you,
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