Note from Nan Stearns (14 Jun 2014)

Hi WMD Members,

Yesterday was Friday the 13th – – plus a full moon – – so here comes a wish and a request:

Wish: I wish we could get all of the money out of politics. Granny D wished the same wish and marched from “Sea to Shining Sea” to try to do just that.

Request: Please join us as “GD Walkers” in Amherst on July 4th. We’ll participate in the Amherst Parade. We don’t plan on walking under the WMD Banner, but rather under the new banner, NHR – – New Hampshire Rebellion. And, should you have some hesitation, GD Walkers stands for Granny D Walkers.

The New Hampshire Rebellion was founded by Lawrence Lessig, Harvard Law Professor, who walked from Dixville Notch to Nashua in the cold of January. His movement is taking hold. To investigate further, please Google NHRebellion, Lawrence Lessig, or some such. You will find much to inspire you.

This is just a first notice – – there will be more information to come. Should you wish to sign up for July 4th, give me a call at 673 3730, or respond by email to

On July 5th, the New Hampshire Rebellion will be walking the New Hampshire Sea Coast of approximately 16 miles. We’ll join in for a portion of the distance. We’ll hope to see you there. You will find more about this too when you look into the New Hampshire Rebellion.

You might want to wear a Granny D hat, wear a NHR T shirt, carry a sign about campaign finance reform, or make a bold statement about systemic corruption in the nation’s capitol. We will have no dress code. We will walk and talk because we care and because we think we just might be able to do something about this problem.

Thanks for making time to read this!


PS This year’s theme for the Amherst Parade is: “From Sea to Shining Sea” – – what could be more perfect?

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