Note from Nan Stearns (21 Jun 2014)

Dear WMD Members, Friends and Family,

I am aquiver!  That’s the best way to put it!  Lawrence Lessig, the Harvard Law Professor who is the fearless founder of The New Hampshire Rebellion, will be in Amherst on the 4th of July to march/walk in the Amherst Parade. How cool is that?

So, having had a weak response to my last request, I am on my knees begging you to join us on the 4th at Wilkins School between 9:00 and 10:00 in the morning to walk with others who have already signed up with the rebellion.  It promises to be a wonderful experience.  You will have a chance to meet Professor Lessig and hear for yourselves his inspiring message.

You can order T shirts, if you wish, by going to the New Hampshire Rebellion’s Zazzle Store.  The important thing is not what to wear – – it’s to participate.  A Granny D straw hat would also be most appropriate. (See picture of the late Granny D below)

Also, Jack Conaway, who is again “doing” the Amherst Dems float for the second year in a row, needs more marchers.  Walk with them; walk with us.  Stand up!  Speak out!  You will have a happy experience – – I guarantee it!!

There will be a table on the Village Green where Lessig will be after the parade – – make a point of coming to meet him.

Thank you for making time to read this fervent request.  Thank you most of all for joining us on the 4th.

For now, Happy Summer!


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