Note from Nan Stearns (25 Jul 2014)

Dear WMD,

You have probably forgotten all about the wonderful 4th of July in Amherst, NH, but here is just a bit to ice your memories.

Professor Lessig did indeed come to Amherst on the 4th, together with his NH Rebellion head man, Jeff McLean. Lessig brought his lovely wife, Betina, his three children, Tess, Teo and Willam.  Mom and the two younger ones were on the Amherst Dem’s Float (winning best over all), while Dad and Willam (that’s right, not William) marched with quite a few others.  I joined the Rebellion at the top of the hill, thanks to Rick Katzenberg, who let me park in his drive.  Gail Denemark gave me her arm, and we made it the whole way. Joining in from WMD were Kathy Boyer and her husband Bob Wood, Vanessa Foley and her daughter Claire, and probably others I’m going to sadly forget to mention.  The response from the parade watchers was wonderful – – made our hearts happy!

On the following day Pete and I joined the Rebels at Fort Constitution, at the end of the 16 mile sea-coast walk which many completed.  If you click on “photos” below, and go up and down patiently, you may find Kathy Boyer, Rosemary Carlsmith, Pete and Nan and others whose faces you recognize.  Lessig gave an inspiring talk up on the wall, leading us to believe that anything is possible – – even getting money out of politics.

If all goes as we hope it will, there will be a walk you will all want to join on Saturday, October 4th.  My dream involves people making The Milford Oval the destination and walking on every road leading to The Oval. Brookline, Wilton, Lindeborough, Mont Vernon, New Boston, Amherst, Merrimack, etc.  Can you see the web we will weave with people anxious to get BIG MONEY out of politics.

This is just the beginning – – will you join us?  Nothing has been confirmed regarding the October walk.  But watch this space.  Jeanne Ludt is back from Maine, our communication channels are open and there is mischief to make.

Hugs to all,

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