On THURSDAY JANUARY 15, 2009, The New Hampshire
Department of Environmental Services (DES) will hold a
public hearing in Concord. We should all circle our
calendars and PLAN TO ATTEND, bringing as many family,
friends and cohorts as possible. Having a large
showing will make an important statement to DES, PSNH,
the media and all of us fellow ratepayers – the

2) The DES will be taking written public input until
JANUARY 23rd into it’s issue of a pending construction
permit for the 40 year old Coal power plant.
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Merrimack Station Coal Plant- Should coal be in our future???Jim Reubens – Union of Concerned Scientists- update

Thanks to the efforts of WMD’ers Gail Denemark and hostess organizer Nan Stearns a large concerned group met , Sunday Dec. 7 to learn the pressing issues regarding the Merrimack Station Coal Plant status in Bow NH.

The featured speaker, Jim Rubens (former NH state senator) of the Union of Concerned Scientists is working on national policy for a strong climate bill.

A few quick facts and background that call for citizen action

  • 30% of NH carbon emissions come from the Bow coal plant, a dirty source of energy production
  • NH has 3rd highest asthma rate in US (and you thought it was from air currents in Midwest)
  • NH legislature passed a bill 2006 requiring PSNH to install a scrubber by 2013 to reduce mercury emissions
  • August 2008 report – the cost of the scrubber increased from projected $250 million to $457 million
  • NH PUC (Public Utilities Commission) ruled Nov. 12 that scrubber law requires construction must go forward
  • the more expensive scrubber will not bring the plant into compliance with current Mercury , clean water and likely CO2 emission standards


Currently there is not the information about how this project will impact rate payers as well as the environmental outcomes. The key item is that information is needed before action is taken that may have a 30-40 year commitment. A law is needed to require the PUC to obtain information..

PLEASE CALL YOUR STATE SENATOR and ask them to co-sponsor and support Senator Harold Janeway’s bill to require the PUC to obatin this information: (the bill number is not yet known)

(1) the full cost of reconstruction and operating Merrimack Station in compliance with present and expected anti-pollution requirements; and

(2) the cost and environmental benefits of the viable alternatives.

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