“Soldiers of Peace”

Important WMD sponsored film coming up on November 29 at 2:30 at the Amherst Town Library. Please come and bring a friend.

WMD will be showing the film, Soldiers of Peace, the story of 14 countries around the world where “peace is breaking out”. Soldiers of Peace gives us an uplifting look at the current geopolitical state of the world: contrary to popular belief, there are actually less armed conflicts in the world today than ever before. The world is changing fast and humankind is being confronted with rapid climate change, lack of fresh drinking water, ever decreasing bio-diversity, diminishing oil reserves and an ever-growing population.

These global challenges call for global solutions and these solutions will require cooperation on a global scale unprecedented in human history. Peace is the essential prerequisite because without peace we will be unable to achieve the levels of cooperation, inclusiveness and social equity necessary to solve these challenges. We would also have the vast amounts of resources required to tackle these issues.

This documentary closely examines the different ways in which governments and individuals can face these problems: they can deal with them through war or peace. There is a genuine wave occurring in all corners of the world right now, showing us that peace is not a utopia, but rather at arm’s length. Through numerous and beautiful examples, the film illustrates the many ways in which people and communities are making a positive change, today. Even though we may instinctively know that this change is greatly needed to survive this 21st century, to see it unfold is truly exciting – and you can play a part.

Kathy Boyer, one of the founding members of WMD, will be the facilitator and will lead the discussion following the film. Kathy has worked tirelessly over the last few years for peace and the establishment of a Department of Peace. Come ready to listen, learn, and participate in an interesting discussion.

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